Foreign policy and Home politics of Russia. Political science.


 About Author

Jakov A. Pleis, born in 1944. In 1971 he graduated from the faculty of international relations of the Moscow state institute of international relations of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a speciality "expert in international relations, reviewer of Western countries". 

Since 1992 he is doctor of historical sciences, since 1994 - professor of politologie chair. Member of Academy of political sciences since 1999. Deputy chairman of the Expert Counsil for Polical Sciense of the Highest Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Education Ministry, member of editorial board of "Political Researches" magazine. The main place of activity - head of chair of socio-political sciences of Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation. 

Scientific interests of Jakov Pleis lie mainly in international relations, foreign policy and home politics of modern Russia. His main works are associated to these themes. 

The political science in Russia has found its institutional status at the end of 80 years, that was expressed, on the one hand, in the establishment of this discipline in the educational programs of all high schools in Russia, and, on the other hand, in the creation of scientific occupations in this discipline and, accordingly, in defendiny of doctoral and candidate dissertations. So far it is possible to say that from that time on began its revival on the qualitatively new basis. 

Monitoring of political science in modern Russia is one constituent of research activity of Jakov Pleis. Such activity, unconditional, is important not only for the Russian scientists and politicians, but also for foreign analyzers involved in the Russian problems and processes. 

Not less important for the scientist and for politicians is the research of problems linked to formation of a new system of international relations and new foreign policy of Russia. This problematic also enters in sphere of scientific interests of Jakov Pleis. 

Finally, the author expresses hope, that his creativity will be interesting and useful for the inquisitive reader.



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