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The domestic political science in dissertation mirror.
Journal "Polis Political Studies", Nr. 2, 1998.
(wak3.pdf - 198 Kb.)

Condition and Problems of formation of Russian political science.
Bulletin VAK of Russia. Nr. 3. 1998.
(wak2.pdf - 169 Kb.)

Political science in Russia in 1998: What's new ?
Journal "Polis Political Studies", Nr. 3. 1999.
(wak7.pdf - 188 Kb.)

From political thought to political science. Directory of personalities of Russia's political thought and science from the past to the present. 1999.
Moskauer Verlag MGUP. 1999.
(slowar.pdf - 1662 Kb.)

The creative potential of Russian politologie community. The main trends of studies.
Journal "Polis Political Studies", Nr. 6. 1999.
(polina4.pdf - 357 Kb.)

Stages of formation and main trends of development of political science in Russia.
(In almanac "Forum-2000". On border of the ages ISPRAN "Whole world". 2000 Short variant published).
(polina6.pdf - 632 Kb.)

olitical science in Russia from the origin to our days.
Lecture Nr.2. The Moscow enterprise academy at Government of Moscow. 2000.
(polina2.pdf - 527 Kb.)

Professional Politologists on free Enterprise in Russia and her Regions.
A Booklet edited by the North-Caucasian Academy of State Service. 2000.
(reg.pdf - 201 Kb.)

Russian political elite and their behaviour in context of Election-2000.
Report on international conference in Lvov. 21 May 2000. Journal "Politichna Dumka - Political thought". Nr. 2. 2000.
(elit.pdf - 201 Kb.)

Political Science in modern Russia.
A chapter in Edition "Political Science in Russia in the XX-th Century". By the Institute of Scientific Information of Social Sciences of Russian Academy of Science. M. 2001.
(polina7.pdf - 284 Kb.)

Political Science in Russia: Results of the First Decade of Development.
Bulletin of Moscow University. Series XII. Political Science. Nr. 3, M. 2001
(polina8.pdf - 261 Kb.)

Russian Political Science at the 20th and 21st Centuries Change-Over.
Magazine "POLIS" (Political studies), Nr. 2, M. 2002.
(polis3.pdf - 200 Kb.)

Political Science and Urgent Problems of Political Life of Modern Russia.
M., Publishing House "Gorod", 2002, 191 p.

The book is dedicated to general analyses of political science in modern Russia. Recommended for students, postgraduate, and all those who tries to understand deeper the political sphere in Russia of Science. M. 2001.
(politologia.pdf - 1628 Kb.)



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