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How to survive and develop the high schools of new Russia.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 7. 1997.
(wusi.pdf - 172 Kb.)

Dialectics of then USSR's disintegration and Lessons for Russia. In case our Politicions do not take into account the Reasons and Lessons of USSR's disintegration Russia can repeat his Fate.
Journal "Obozrevatel-Observer" Nr. 12 M. 1997.
(75let.pdf - 226 Kb.)

Does democracy engrain in Russia?
Article in newspaper "Russian Federation". Nr. 18 (116), 1999.
(derewo4.pdf - 134 Kb.)

The Russian State on the Way of Reforms.
Study Materials for the course of Political Science. Finance Academy, 1999
(feder1a.pdf - 672 Kb.)

Russia in search of national idea and ideology.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 11,12. 1999.
(ideolog4.pdf - 241 Kb.)

Election-99 step to political "dead end"? (The Totals of Election-99 at the background of previous two.)
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 2, 2000.
(irnik.pdf - 194 Kb.)

The problems of regional security in scientific works of Russian politologists.
Journal "State and municipal management". Scientist notes / SKAGS. Nr. 2. 2000.
(rnd5.pdf - 170 Kb.)

The Russian Reforms and their Ideologists.
Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" . 04.03.2000.
(irnik2.pdf - 171 Kb.)

Formation of new political ideologies in Russia.
A Chapter in the textbook on Politology. Edition planed by Saratov's State University in 2001 beginning.
(ieol8.pdf - 379 Kb.)

Parties and Party Systems in the modern Russia.
Monthly magazine "Vlast" (Authority). Nr. 12, 2003.
(Partii_i_partsystemi.pdf - 151 Kb.)

Russian Authority in search for the new content of Federalism.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 1-2, 2003.
(obozrevatel3.pdf - 187 Kb.)

To the question about the theory and practice of transformation of Party and Political systems (attempt of theoretical rethinking of reorganisation experience in the USSR)
Monthly magazine "Vlast" (Authority). Nr. 10, 2005.
(transform1.pdf - 239 Kb.)

Directions and main stages of reforms of the modern Russian state.
For the textbook of Moscow State University.
(MGU.pdf - 257 Kb.)

Accruement and stages of development of a Civil Society.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 5, 2007.
(obozrevatel2.pdf - 196 Kb.)

Electoral system of modern Russia in the labyrinth of permanent reforms.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 6, 2007.
(Isbir.pdf - 258 Kb.)



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