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Russia and the modern world.
Nezavisimaya gazeta. 14.05.1993.
(rossia.pdf - 86 Kb.)

Allies, Partners, Neighbours. Zigzags of Russians foreign policy.
Nezavisimaya gazeta. 16.07.1993.
(doc01.pdf - 165 Kb.)

The particularities of Russia and its foreign policy. To the dispute about the new glance of Russian Federation on the world.
Nezavisimaya gazeta. 19.11.1993.
(doc03sh.pdf - 129 Kb.)

Russia and central Asia. Evolution of the Foreign affairs Ministry's views on interest of Russia in the region.
Nezavisimaya gazeta. 19.01.1994.
(evol2.pdf - 66 Kb.)

Challenges of time and "Partnership in the name of freedom". Passions around NATO and its new program.
Nezavisimaya gazeta. 20.04.1994.
(nato2.pdf - 93 Kb.)

A Voice from the Past. Polemics with Z.BZHEZINSKI.
Nezavisimaya gazeta. 11.06.1994.
(bgesin.pdf - 97 Kb.)

Russia and the World on the eve of the XXI century. Urgent problems of the Russian modern foreign policy. M. 1995 .

(kniga.pdf - 738 Kb.)

The Evolution of Russia's foreign policy.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 5, 1996.
(sor3.pdf - 184 Kb.)

National interests and strategy of modern Russia's foreign policy .
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 9, 1999.
(filwp2.pdf - 182 Kb.)

From Romanticism and Illusions to Pragmatism and Defence of national Interests.
In the Book "Russia-2000. Modern political History (1985-2000). Vol. I. Chronicle and Analysis. Scientific Edition (Third Edition) M. 2000.
(sbornik.pdf - 253 Kb.)

Russia, Nato and global Parity of Power.
In the Book "Russia-2000". By the Institute of Scientific Information of Social Sciences of Russian Academy of Science. M. 2000.
(docpar.pdf - 58 Kb.)

Russia and Europe: why we need each other. On overcoming the civilization Break-up.
Journal "Polis Political Studies", Nr.6 M. 2000.
(german.pdf - 251 Kb.)

Stages of modern Russia's foreign policy.
Publishing House of the Russian Academy of State Service under the President of Russian Federation, 2003.
(uchebnik_RAGS2002.pdf - 221 Kb.)

Transformation of international relations systems in the XX century.
Journal "Obozrevatel - Observer", Nr. 10, 2005.
(transform2.pdf - 293 Kb.)

Between the different Paradigms. The foreign policy of Russia in the new Configuration of Forces on the international Arena.
Diplomatic annual edition. Puplisching House of the Diplomatic Academy.
(VP_Rossii.pdf - 260 Kb.)



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